Fairness opinion

Danske Invest
Aug 2008
Deal Value:
EUR 11 million
Fairness opinion
Financial Institutions and Real Estate

DIA is the investment management company of a number of large Danish based unit trust groups and associations. At the beginning of 2008 DIA’s assets under management was DKK 233 billion.The acquirer, the Danske Bank Group, is the largest financial enterprise in Denmark and one of the largest in the Nordic region. In total, the Danske Bank Group serves more than 5 million retail customers and a significant number of public sector and institutional organisations.
The transaction enabled DIA to integrate its IT systems on Danske Bank’s IT platform and thus to manage unit trusts and funds in a number of Danske Bank markets outside Denmark. It also enhanced DIA’s product development potential and strengthened the company’s bargaining power visà-vis its suppliers for the benefit of unit holders.