Fairness opinion

Nordea Invest
Jun 2010
Deal Value:
EUR 8 million (EV)
Fairness opinion
Financial Institutions and Real Estate

NIFM is the investment management company of a number of large Danish based unit trust groups and associations. At the end of 2008 NIFM’s assets under management was DKK 81 billion.Nordea is Scandinavia’s largest financial institution. The Group has around 11 million customers, approx. 1,400 branch offices and is among the ten largest universal banks in Europe in terms of total market capitalisation.
The divestment of NIFM to Nordea, which was the key distributor and portfolio adviser of the investment fund, strengthened the position of Nordea Invest and Nordea in the market for investment products. The divestment should also be viewed on the back of the growing requirements for investment fund management and investment advice which makes enhances the need for integrated IT systems.
At the time of the transaction NIFM was one of Denmark’s three largest providers of unit trusts.