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Track record for advising financial sponsors

Since 1997, our partners have advised financial sponsors in many types of transaction – from IPOs to acquisitions and divestments. Additionally, we have a substantial track record for advising on divestments to financial sponsors. 

This has given us deep insights into the challenges, opportunities and requirements of financial sponsors and into the characteristics of the Danish debt and equity markets.

Some examples of our advisory services to financial sponsors:

  • Latest in 2018, we advised Axcel on the divestment of Lessor Group to Paychex, Inc.
  • We advised FSN on the divestment of Lagkagehuset to Nordic Capital
  • We advised Nordic Capital in their divestment of KOMPAN, and EQT VI in their acquisition of Faerch Plast.
  • In 2010, we were IPO advisor to PAI Partners in the IPO of Chr. Hansen and later in the same year to Axcel in the IPO of Pandora.
  • We advised Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners in their investment in the DolWin3 grid connection
  • We advised Altor Equity Partners on the acquisition of US based Pulse Medtech in 2009.
  • We advised IK Investment Partners and Ratos in the divestment of Superfos. 
  • Our advisory services to local financial sponsors included advising Polaris and Procuritas on the divestments of Louis Poulsen Lighting and Disa. 

Through these and our many other transactions, we have achieved an unrivalled level of experience in the Danish market. We believe this enables us to offer the highest quality of advice to local and international financial sponsors with activities in Denmark.

Services to financial sponsors

We have advised many of the private equity firms active in the Danish market on many different transactions including IPOs, public take-overs, acquisitions and divestments. 

We strive to be the preferred advisor to private equity firms with Danish portfolio companies as well as those looking to make acquisitions in Denmark and we believe we can offer financial sponsors unrivalled insights into the Danish debt and equity markets. 

The services we offer to our financial sponsor clients include: 

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Selected references

Divestment of Lessor Group

FIH Partners advises on the divestment of Lessor Group to Paychex, Inc.

Deal value:
Not disclosed

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Divestment of Frontmatec

FIH Partners advises Via Venture Partners on the divestment of Frontmatec

Deal value:
Not disclosed

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Acquisition of Faerch Plast

FIH Partners advised EQT VI on the acquisition of Faerch Plast

Deal value:
Not disclosed

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Acquisition of Walney Extension offshore wind farm

FIH Partners advises PKA and PFA on the acquisition of 50% of Walney Extension

Deal value:
EUR 2.3 billion

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